Recruitment Support

Besides technical support, Eaze IT Japan also provides recruitment services


Eaze IT Japan specializes in the following recruitment services:

  • Entry to Senior Executive Recruitment
  • Retainer and Contingency Searches
  • Exclusive Searches


At EAZE IT Japan, we assist you in recognizing your own strengths and understanding your entire range of skills and abilities. Our experienced and industry-specialized recruiters will assist you with the followings:

  • Preparation of an effective CV/Resume
  • Exploring opportunities: Application Advice & Guidance
  • Interview Preparation and Techniques
  • Avoiding most common interview mistakes
  • Providing interview feedback


Let us be your career advisor in achieving success.

Eaze IT Japan looks forward to the opportunity to develop a long-standing relationship with you. Working with us, you will have the firsthand experience of seeing what separates us from our competitors. At Eaze IT Japan:

  • The Japanese market is well known to us, and we have experience in it.
  • Unlike other agencies, we work in a variety of positions.
  • Having industry expertise and a wealth of experience in recruitment, each consultant will provide you with exposure to top-tier companies.
  • Direct contact with decision-makers is what we do.
  • Professionalism, responsiveness, and commitment are our hallmarks.
  • We operate under a strict code of confidentiality and ethics.